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" Specializing in Custom Mixes"

Custom Mixes

   We at N & R Feed and Supply have a few of our own custom mixes.  All of the mixes can be purchased in bulk.  If there is a mix you would like for us to make for you, please give us a call and we can have it ready for you the next day.
Here are our custom mixes:
Show feeds
N&R Beef Show (proven champions)
EFG 16% (Sunglo based show pig feed)
EFG 18% (Sunglo based show pig feed

Horse Feed
Harrah Horse Ration 10%
Harrah Horse Ration 12%

Cattle Feed

Moo Mix (sweet feed)
Bull Test
Sweet 10%

Pig Feed
Ultra Sow 13%

Poultry Feed

Rumblin Rooster (game cock feed)
Kickin Chicken starter

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